MYTH-Role Of Foreign Political Consultants In Indian SubContinent’s Politics & Elections Campaign Management


In India,there is always an attraction for Foreign political consultant which is a myth only.In Mid Of June – July 2016 when i was rendering my political consulting to one of my Very Prominent Political Client From Indian Subcontinent Countries,This was also a topic that Whether they should hire a Political consultant from USA Or London Or From Local One ? I Clearly replied that Foreign consultant can’t do any more in Politics & Election Campaign Management Of Indian Subcontinents ( SAARC COUNTRIES ELECTION) Politics. I Also Provided My Logic Behind That.They were agreed & same was proved In Uttar Pradesh India Elections 2017 When Samajwadi Party Hired One Of Best,Most Reputed,Most Costly Political Consultant From Harvard ( As Per News). What Was Positive  Results ? There Was Great Results But In Negative Way.

Secondly When Samajwadi Party Started  Their Family Battle,It was In Rumor That it is on direction of That So Called Political Consultant From Harvard & Every One Was Appreciating The Approach Of Samajwadi party That They Successfully Managed Media for Months.Even My Team Members & Few Of My Top Media Personals Were Also Advocating The Art Of Capturing Media. BUTTTTTTTTTT…… Even At That Time I Concluded That This Act & Suggestion By Foreign Consultant May Provide immediate Visible Benefits,But It’s Latent Dynamics Will be A Great & Long-lasting Political disaster Only.Political Damage Created By This will Be A Non Recoverable by Samajwadi party. …..& Same Ha   happened.

DeFacto,Its Latent Dynamics Created Such A Big Damage That we can say That It Was  Political Suicidal Strategy By Samajwadi party.This Did Not Merely Turned into Poor results but blocked all the last hope of samajwadi party To Lead Again In future even after yrs. Same is Happening Now ……….

Coming Back On Our Question That Why Foreign Political Consultant Can’t Contribute In Indian Subcontinents Countries Election strategy Management  Effectively ?

The Reason Is Very Simple- The Socio economical Geo Political dynamics Of These Countries are quiet different from USA / European Countries.It Is Also thousands time more complex system than of EU / Us Political environment.Understanding These Micro & latent dynamics Of SAARC Countries Is A Challenge even it’s native experienced Politicians Too,This is reason why a leading party looses elections Too Here.Any One Can Imagine That The Politics Of Indian Subcontinent is an examples of Politics within politics within politics……… OR dynamics within dynamics within dynamics………….Hence it almost becomes impossible to foreign consultants to understand complex political dynamics of SAARC countries.

The Another Strong  Logic Behind This Is That The Political & Election Ecosystem Of SAARC Countries is Totally Different & More Complex In Comparison Of European Union  Or USA. It Is Fact That Political Consultant’s Skills Are Sharpen By The Challenges presented By Their Countries Political environment.In Foreign Countries There is only 2 Party System Hence Competition Is Clear. Analytics Becomes easy. While In SAARC Countries There Are Multi Party System Politics which ultimately  create a very complex &  Several Latent Political dynamics. It Is Clear That Foreign Consultants Don’t Get That Much Complex Expousers Of Political Strategic Challenges As Indian Subcontinents Consultants Experiences during Campaign Management. These Expousers Sharpen Their Strategic Skills In Far Better Way In Comparisons Of EU / USA Political Consultants.

Any One Can Make A Comparison about complexity Of Political Ecosystem Of  SAARC COUNTRIES & EU /USA.Think About Voters Number,Languages,Religious Believes,Sectoral Interests etc etc etc…

In Point Of View Of Above Logic we can say That Indian Subcontinents Election Campaigns May Be a Good opportunity To Improve Their Skills To Foreign Political Consultants Too as again it was proved In Case Of  Harvard Professor & Political Consultant Mr. Steve Jarding ( If He Was Appointed As Consultant…….? ). Results Was quiet Negative. In fact He could not understand The basics Of Indian Politics or Even Could not develop Understanding as our Tea Seller Or Pan Shop Owen er Has Political Understanding In India.

In Fact Understanding Indian Subcontinents Social Political Behavior Of Voters For A Foreign Consultant Is Impossible Task.It Can Be Well Understand Only By Native people Only Due To It’s Vast Diversity…A Type Of Diversity Where each Area & Each Family Members Has Their Own Liking & Disliking For Voting. 

POINT TO REMEMBER – In Fact Political Consulting Is Such A Complex field in which traditional parameter of I.Q don’t Apply Too like Top Institute Degree,Past Experience In Politics etc etc. De Facto Politics / Political Consulting Is field Of Innovation Rather than Experience becoz every day dynamics get changes here……………. 

Come Out From The Attraction & Hangover Of Foreign Political Consultant. It’s Merely a MYTH becoz  OTHER SIDE OF VALLEY ALWAYS LOOKS GREENER.

However For More To Understand all These dynamics In details plz click below links & Read Our strategic Political Article……Click Below Links…

 Times Of India Article –   https://goo.gl/INt3Uy 
 Virat Vaibhav Interview – https://goo.gl/3CZjM0
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